Monday, August 30, 2010

Double Punishment #2 maid & maxine together again!

From here I will continue with notes from the maids diary:

"At approximately 5:30pm Mistress and myself arrived at Mistress's place of work, with myself feeling reasonable nervous as there was a rugby game on that night, and as W/we drove towards Mistress work I could see the cars already building up in that area, and with Mistress saying that I would get another punishment added if she was unable to park outside Her work, so with that punishment threat hanging over My head was one of the reasons that I was feeling nervous that night, but luckily W/we able to park outside as the cars had not yet built up.

After entering Mistress's work place with Mistress sitting on the couch and myself on the floor, and the tv going in the background, Mistress and I had some personal discussions, then at around 630pm maxine, Mistress's senior slave arrived, and that knock on the door was the other reason I was nervous knowing punishments were just around the corner. Once inside miss maxine presented Mistress a bottle of wine and showed Mistress her new false silicone boobs. Mistress then asked for our punishment books, looking at both miss maxine
and myself as She flicked through them signing off on previous punishment and working out what were reasonable punishments for the outstanding ones. Mistress then said I would be going first this week.

Mistress went into the dungeon and came out with wrist cuffs, a blindfold, and a ball gag, all of which Mistress put onto miss maxine. Mistress went back to the dungeon for some rope which She used to tie My hands behind my back and then Mistress left us standing there for around ten minutes as She had another matter to deal with. Once She returned I was ordered to stand in the middle of the room and take 15 cuts with a diamond head whip to the front of my body, then I was made to swap with maxine who moved to the center of the room and myself into one of the corners. Mistress then decided how many hits maxine would take with 50 been the total chosen. After ten strokes on maxine, Mistress broke the whip! causing Her to go and find another punishment tool, after a few more whacks which looked very hard marks were clearly visible on miss maxines back and buttocks and with some of the whacks making myself cringe and wondering how she could take the pain (not that we have much choice in the matter) and Mistress continued to punish her. I stood there thinking how the heck does she cope with it. As myself have yet to have that sort of punishment handed down to me, not yet anyway and hopefully never.

Mistress then decided that i was to take a second punishment for not waking Her at the right time, this was to be 10 strokes on each buttock, and then Mistress left miss maxine and myself to talk. maxine was explaining about the way she copes with pain and the role of a senior slave to a junior slave which was very interesting. Mistress returned and began My punishment giving myself reasonably long breaks in between cuts which i certainly appreciated as Mistress did not have to do this if She did not want too, after i had taken my 20 strokes from mistress I was allowed to stand there with Mistress admiring Her handy work.

After a quick break Mistress took us both into the medical room and we found out we were going to have a bit of needle play done on us, and to find out by Mistress about how to keep everything sterile and safety awareness around needles. First it was maxines turn and Mistress put iodine and another substance on miss maxines body explaining about the importance of hygeine. Mistress marked out an M on her stomach and then She began placing the needles through the skin, all the time reiterating about hygeine and safety. After about half an hour and 24 needles later it looked very tidy and precise. Mistress then removed the needles and then it was my turn.

This time Mistress marked out a V on my back and Mistress repeated the earlier preparations and began to put the needles in place. Halfway through i was really feeling the pain so Mistress and miss maxine gave me some very helpful advice like trying to think outside of my body and of happy times to focus on. Anyway Mistress carried on inserting the needles until it formed the letter V. Afterwards i felt stink about what happened with myself having a bit of a breakdown with the needles, because I felt I had ruined Mistress's night.

After this we all went back to the lounge area where Mistress said that both miss maxine and myself were very well behaved and because of this She made small reductions to some of the owed punishments we both have coming. All in all it was an enjoyable and memorable night thank you very much Mistress."

-It was indeed a fun evening, and with bitch maxine behaving after the stern talking to last week about behavior and responsibility if she wished to have the title of senior slave. It was an important evening as the maid goal was to help the maid progress in training and to learn to better manage pain. The needle play was good for both of them and I was proud of both My girls who are really beginning to show the prolonged effort put into their separate trainings. It is always a beautiful site to see such well trained slaves, well marked, and taking punishment without movement, flinching, fussing or making any other inappropriate noises / movements.

As both slaves are now keeping diaries, I have had to buy a larger file cabinet to keep all the notes on their training. I will be looking forward to hosting another dungeon meeting to show off the training of them both.

~Mistress V.

Roleplay - Russian Mafia Princess

Sometimes you have a session like some I wrote about in My previous blog post where the chemistry and type of play leads to a totally mind blowing experience. This time it was one of My regulars, a client who I have seen many times over the past year or so. It is one of My clients who enjoys Strong Females. Fighting, wrestling, smothering, face sitting, trampling, crushing etc. I always create scenarios for the complex role play W/we do. This time I decided to play a Russian mafia princess, the darling of My boss fathers eye. Trained as a hit woman to assist his operations in Moscow.. The session had Me fight and kill My way through various bodyguards, lab technicians, and receptionists before finding My target. The target a much hated thief who had fled Moscow some 10 years earlier when My character was just young and still in training. It finished up with a passionate outpouring of anger and evil tauntings and interrogation. Degrading and verbally abusing the final target before stabbing and play acting his kill in traditional Russian mafia killing style. As the session finished there was a heady rushing feeling, a complete high from knowing just how amazing it was. The feeling was mutual with My client saying it was the most amazing session ever experienced and that My ability to play the Russian hit woman pretty much drove him crazy! It really was fantastic and W/we plan to repeat the session W/we enjoyed it so much. It always helps that I have traveled so extensively around the world and that i have such an extensive knowledge of cultures and other countries. My linguistic talents really help with role play like this as I find it easy to pick up accents. Having a good knowledge of most languages it is great to be able to mix languages in with English.

Either way, it has reminded Me just now to reply to his earlier text thanking Me again for the session. For those of you who enjoy fantasies of powerful, evil, strong women.. Maybe it is time to consider this type of session and role play!!


Messy play in the Medical Klinic

Well it has certainly been a week full of messy play and the medical room has been made good use of! The start of the overnight and weekends I just finished up with, began with a client from down south. W/we explored further food play and he brought me some lovely photos of messy slime play. Although W/we did not have any slime, things got sticky with heavy lashings of thick maple syrup... Maybe next time W/we will follow through with sending him off dressed without a shower, having to live the humiliation of walking down the street covered in syrup!

Later in the week another favorite client came in to continue Our journey with messy toilet play. This session particularly stuck in mind as after some full toilet play, and I asked if he would like to be cleaned off with a different kind of shower.. The lucky slave was treated to seeing My vomit skills at their best and i must admit to been jealous I could not have the same view he did lying underneath me or that I can not be in 2 places at once.. I would love to have been able to see Myself. I drank very quickly a large quantity of cold water and in huge massive bouts, and was able to give him a high pressure cold water shower, one that came directly from My stomach. He loved seeing how much vomit came out and enough pressure to clean his body from previous mess. I guess its one of those you had to be there moments!!

Next came a new client who had a long history of enjoying seeing the bodily functions of a female up close and in action. It was a fun session as W/we finished up with My ass expelling a huge dirty enema with such force it sprayed everywhere... the maid was certainly busy scrubbing and disinfecting after that! It was really a special time, it was Saturday so there was no rush with My extended working hours. I had had full bowels after preparation for a client who had to cancel the day before.. So you can imagine it was a scat lovers dream! It is always so good to discover just how many scat fans there are in Our small city of Christchurch. Sometimes it takes the knowledge of knowing there is someone like Me to get people interested.. I always love to hear how excited new clients are when they make a nervous call, trying to figure out how to ask about scat... trying to word it.. and teasingly letting them know that yes I do scat sessions, and YES I love scat. It is these clients I love to introduce to the world of vomit at the same time and I am happy to report the city and rest of New Zealand is increasingly full of vomit fans.

So those must be the highlights of the week, thank you to everyone I got to see, I enjoyed been able to treat you all to free extra time and special experiences. One client in particular was not sure if he could afford My services, but he changed his mind and showed up close to 1am. It was perfect to be able to treat him and I kept him in My dungeon all night giving him a special experience of My lifestyle. The maid was kept busy checking hourly on My bound and restrained client until i woke up in the morning. Then we set the Sunday off to a great start with some strapon play and crush / trampling. It has really been nice to be able to have so much time and to not have to finish work by 6pm.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Double Punishment = Double The Fun

Last night, bitch maxine reported for her scheduled punishment. On arrival while she undressed into an inspect-able state, I got out the hair dye... No not time to dye Mistress's hair... it is the beginning of the transformation of the maid into a feminized maid and future rubber doll maid. Maid soon sported new dark brown hair which certainly took an immediate few years of the age maid looks to be. Happy with the new hair color maid was ordered to kneel in the corner to watch maxine. There was punishment owned for a somewhat minor infraction of rules, that required a severe punishment. Severe due to My own enjoyment of hurting maxine and suited to the length of time she has been Owned by Me.

A single tailed whip began after maxine's ankles were tightly bound with thick rows of flat braid rope. Hands handcuffed behind her back she took the first 20 strokes with a complete play act of idiocy.. breaking all the punishment rules that she so loves to recite at any given chance. Stopping I fixed her with a glare and put down the whip, uncuffing her and kicking her to the floor so her horny ass stuck up in the air and her exposed back displayed old scars from prior punishments. At this point furious with the poor example this want to be senior slave was making, I send the maid to another room. Grabbing maxine roughly by the neck, spitting into her bitch face, I quickly set her straight that if she wanted position of senior slave her usual games were unacceptable and unless she wanted the shame of the maid been allowed to punish her, she would clean up her act and take the last 50 strokes like a good girl. Suitably scared after My interlude of rage, I stopped to piss into a tall glass and smirked and offered her some refreshment... maxine now subdued drank it all and returned the glass and washed it. Then maid was brought back in and i continued maxine's punishment. This time with a thick and long rattan cane... half way through the cane snapped in half as a particularly harsh cut smashed into her ass. Taking time to drag the broken end of the cane over her welt covered and bleeding ass, I teased her for causing Me to break the 3rd cane in as many weeks. The punishment was finished soon with a different cane.. At this point I unbound My bitch and removed the 4 22 gauge needles that had pierced her lovely long nipples. Playing with the blood with My gloved hands, I soon padded her bra with padded non stick wound bandages. Then I turned her round and had the maid closely inspect her welts and touch the old scars that crisscross maxine s body. The scars marking the journey made together. A severe warning for maid who takes pain when deserved but whom does no find the sexual excitement from it that makes bitch maxine shiver with excitement and Me alert and aroused when delivering it.

Time had come now for maid to take the place in the center of the room. In the same position, unbound, the maid instructed to take punishment without sound, complain or moving... reinforcement of these requirements needed after maxine's dismal start to her punishment.. maid was warned that it was not wanted to see Me so furious with his performance. Luckily the maid appears to have a good brain, and has realized that while i am fair, I expect rules to be followed implicitly and if they are not I turn , well nasty does not quite describe it. Looking into My darkened eyes, they change colors when i am angry or aroused... maid did not want to see that look on My face.

Maid was due 20 strokes to the ass, these were given at first with 30 seconds between strokes with a tassel whip, and the last 10 with the cane hard and fast, leaving the maids hindquarters quivering. Then maxine was allowed to run her hands over the new marks and the maid I ordered to stand to show the horrific bruising to the front of the thighs he had received earlier in the week.

Happy with the bleeding ass of maxine I played hammering several needles into the plump flesh of her buttocks.. after cleaning up and removing the bio-waste. I seated Myself on My chair kicking off My heels and ordering both My little slaves to crawl to Me.. Maxine had the benefit of been sent on a massage course by Me.. maid the daily practice of giving nightly massages and rubbing My feet many times during the working day.. Still after a few minutes of each rubbing one of My feet.. I declared the only suitable decision there could be... that both were pretty useless and required more practice and therefore both would be awarded 5 cuts... I allowed the maid to chose the tool for maxine, and vice versa.. the maid received 5 strokes with a heavy rubber tawse and maxine took another 5 cuts with a rattan.

By this time it was late and maxine was allowed to clean up and dress, and was sent on her way for the evening.. and on that note... it is time for Me to return to the dungeon... more on this to come later...

and a quick thank you to all the clients I have seen this week... there is a couple more tales to come... a CP session with a slave from further south and a delightful full toilet session with some stunning vomit play.. Check in later for more on these.

As for the rest of you, know your place.. at My feet...


Friday, August 20, 2010

The Punishment #12 of maid jeff - transition maid jess

The Punishment #12 of maid jeff - transition maid jess

Tonight had cause for the punishment of maid j. While maid transitions it is important to manage maid well. However W/we all know a severe punishment ensures non repeat offenses. The beautiful lady whom I most adore chose a prime number for the strokes to be given to each thigh. 17. 17 strokes with a horse whip to each soft tender unmarred thigh. The punishment was for private purposes matters not to be divulged to protect the privacy of My sweet maid. Still this had the maid sobbing in tears and only then is it when I see a slave broken that I can exhibit any tenderness and focused on the breathing to push through to the end.


These photos mark a reminder of the pain suffered in order to advance the adherence of practical rules and life skills to the betterment of the maid. maid is well aware of the additional weight to be lost.... In a few months i will present My maid in fit, healthy, happy form, proud of achievements and abject in servitude to maids beloved Mistress.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BOOK NOW! Limited places for evening, late night, weekend bookings

UPDATE - popular time slots are already filling up. Ads running in local paper starting tomorrow. Blog readers have had an opportunity to get the best bookings. I appreciate all of you who take the time to follow My blogs and life.

I am looking forward to meeting new slaves and seeing regulars. Hopefully this week will give much material for future blogs, and fantasies to be lived out.

August 21st to August 30th Evening & Weekend Bookings available!
I am happy to announce that once again this year I will be offering a few days where I will be available day and night and weekend dates. If you want to book for this time period, do not leave it to the last minute as spots fill up fast.

This is always a great opportunity for those of you that can not fit into My usual monday to friday 9-6 hours. I look forward to seeing you in the dungeon or for a medical check up in My fully equipped fantasy clinic. Overnight bookings and complex sessions are also the perfect time to book in for.

Mistress V.
021 179 7035

Transitioning of maid to a feminized slave

Maid signed 2 weeks ago a 15 page contract, passing control of every aspect of life over to Mistress Venom. It was with the relief only a true submissive can feel that the name was carefully signed at the necessary parts of the slavery contract. A video recording of the signing was made.

"The live in slave faces a stark life with the minimal of belongings and responsibilities. This life though while tedious and enforced with punishments, is a freedom from the stress of struggling to submit totally. Finally the slave knows its place in life; the slave knows only to obey orders. The owner provides for all material needs and ensures the safety and well being. The only feeling for the slave is joy in serving their Owner and peace in knowing their true purpose in life is now in place." - Thoughts on BDSM - Mistress Venom.

Weeks punishments:

- Spilled bleach on bathmat - replacement required and 15 strokes with a thin rattan cane.
- Forgot to replace DVD in case - 1.5 hour walk to shop to return DVD correctly.
- Terrible application of nail polish - 10 strokes with heavy wooden paddle.
- Tasting food before Mistress finished Her Meal - 20 strokes with a rubber hose slapper.
- Failure to follow instructions from Mistress's friend - 10 strokes with whip.

Instructions in home maintenance.
1. Rise at 6am and complete toilette.
2. Prepare bathroom for Mistress's bathing and hair dressing.
3. Dry dishes from evening before.
4. Prepare breakfast of oatmeal no sugar and only low fat milk.
5. Wake Mistress and present a cup of coffee, ensure Mistress has woken, bring her phone, laptop and diary.
6. Wipe down all windows in upstairs of Mistress's home and strip and remake Her bed.
7. Take dictation of all cleaning to be completed that day.
8. Clear home of rubbish and recycling and collect mail and take out bins if it is that day.
9. Attend to duties noted. Remember to drink 8 glasses of water during the day and mix a protein shake to be drunk at lunch time along with the prepared meal from Mistress that adheres to the strict diet in place for the maids better health.
10. Remove Mistress's shoes on return from Her work, remove clothing and start a wash cycle. Provide Mistress with a home gown for Her comfort and fetch her a green tea or herbal tea of her choice.
11. Attend to any wants and needs of mistress for the evening. Lines or punishments will happen at this time if time allows. When Mistress has bathed, bathroom cleaned and She has retired for the evening THEN maid may, "shower, shave all body hair, remove makeup, bleach and clean bathroom, retire to bed after any additional chores or punishments are finished with alarm set to rise in morning.
- Additional rules
Maid must follow day uniform and nighttime wear at all times.
Maid must not stray from the strict diet designed by Mistress Venom, this diet and exercise program has been presented to maids GP for approval and a full bloods run. (Do not place a slave on a diet or rigorous exercise plan until an all clear is given by a physician. A excellent Dominant is aware that it is their place to ensure the health and well being of all Owned creatures.)
Maid must follow makeup and hair rules.
Maid must take daily vitamins as set out in list from Mistress.
Maid must always stop at a doorway and wait for permission to enter a room.
Maid must maintain punishment book and day to day diary.

Punishment #? for maxine

"maxine was ordered to write the given line 300 times perfectly and error free for submission on August 11th. The bitch fully understands the reasons why this punishment was awarded to her and offers her unqualified apology for her rudeness and disrespect. She is also fully aware that any failure to comply will carry a penalty of 200 lashes across her body whilst her wrist are tied to the roof and her ankles to the floor so that she can not move nor attempt to flinch away. The lashes will be continuous without pause. Punishments this year are no longer "a game" - it is now serious training as maxine concedes she is totally broken to Mistress Venoms will. Humility, subservience, complete obedience to every rule, perfect performance of all work and absolute submission are compulsory and will be thrashed into her and kept in her with regular application of pain." - Thoughts recorded for Mistress by the bitch.

NOTICE: Should the said slave cause further offense to her Owner Mistress Venom after the lines are completed, by being rude, disrespectful, willful or disobedient, then she will be given a whipping of 200 lashes at full strength. The lashes will be administered across the nude body from the shoulders and breasts to the thighs and above knees. The slave will be secured with spread open legs. A large ribbed probe shall be inserted into the slaves "cunt", and secured in place. The nipples will be tightly clamped during punishment and after the clamps are removed needles will pierce the now tender throbbing flesh of the slave. After punishment she will remain tied for a minimum of one hour. Iodine will be applied to all open welts after the beating.


"A trained slave has to do exactly as she is told every time, perfectly or the slave must face the consequences of disobedience, / poor performance. Mistress's customers are their for Her income and the slaves submission is to be used to assist in any way with Her Owners business."


When Mistress tells bitch to jump, the only answer is, "Yes Mistress how high?"
When Mistress tells bitch to open her legs to be fucked the only answer is,"yes Mistress is that wide enough?"
When Mistress tells bitch she will have needles pierce her tits the only answer is, "Yes Mistress how many?"
When Mistress tells bitch she is to be beaten the only answer is, "Yes Mistress how many lashes or cuts?"
When Mistress tells bitch to submit to an enema the only answer is, "Yes Mistress, how many litres and how long should she hold it in for?"
When Mistress tells bitch she is to be placed in bondage the only answer is, "Yes Mistress for how long?"
When Mistress tells bitch to attend to her at a certain time and date, the only answer is, "Yes Mistress at what time and seamed stockings or not?"

Training of maxine - Week starting 9th August

Installment 1 on a week with maxine. slavebitch TS maxine is currently in her 2nd year of Ownership by Mistress Venom.
This post will be a collection of thoughts, reminiscences, and training methods, compiled by Mistress Venom for the purposes of Her blog. Mistress Venom has Owned several slaves over the years and is looking forward to documenting with words and images the current slaves.

"This week My bitch met for the first time her new competition, for the purposes of slavery, competition pushes the slave to work harder; the fear a loss of Mistress's attentions. The bitch did not disappoint as bravely she stood and stated any competition however hard would be won by her." - Mistress Venom 18/08/10.

*No slave is ever allowed to use the personal pronoun for herself. Always the third person must be used, she, your slave, maxine, the bitch, all appropriate terms of self address in written communications.

*Mistress will always administer punishment to Her slaves in front of other slaves to reinforce the facts of their life for them.The threat or promise of coming punishments keeps the slaves mind focused on performance.

"This bitch is aware of her total possession by Mistress Venom and is focused solely on the 24-7 needs of her Mistress. No fault however small appears to escape Mistress's notice. Her home must be immaculately kept, meals prepared - silver service, washing and ironing perfect, dressing Madame, attendance to Her personal dressing habits and needs. The bitch shall also submit to all requirements of any of Mistress's clients without exception or exclusion. There shall be no limits to her work. She has a bell in her cell to call her for any needs 24 hours a day. Respectfully, the bitch known as maxine."

"A slaves existence when ruled by a truly Sadistic Lady, is one where the girl must endure all of the pain, discomfort, tiredness, humiliation applied to her each long day without complaint or any show of reluctance. A good slave girl will never report for a punishment with anything less than a positive attitude and excellent poise to be maintained throughout punishment." - Training of maxine - Mistress Venom.

~~~~ PUNISHMENTS ~~~~~
Notes from maxine, " In accordance with one of the imposed rules, she is required to report in writing to her Mistress after each punishment or training session. As instructed she presented herself to Mistress Venom today at 12 noon. She was made to strip to her bra and panties before having her hands tied above her head, ropes attached to the most severe and sturdy of nipple clamps. Then she was given 100 lashes across the front of her body, across her breasts, across her thighs with a single tailed whip. It was a very severe and sadistic whipping resulting in several open lash welts. She had to rub salt into the open welts which causes intense stinging. Apart from 2 previous birchings administered to her ass, todays whipping was probably the most painful she has had. Happily she believes Madame can hardly hurt the bitch any worse."

(However the bitch is VERY wrong on this matter as will be shown in the next 10 months.) MV

"She also has 300 lines to write for Mistress Venom to be handed in by 11th of August. Then she has to recite the poem, "The Hollow Men" to mistress's satisfaction. It is a long poem, but the bitch is aware it is her Owners favorite and therefore MUST be memorized! her poor body is just so sore Mistress, surely Madame can not cause her bitch more pain than that? Respectfully, maxine."

Living the life - Thoughts on 24-7 slavery

As I lost My old blog, it is time to begin updating this one with more regularity. I have had a busy couple of weeks as I moved homes, this explains the lack of posts. I am sure i will soon make up for the lack of new content.

As some know, I have had My slavebitch maxine in training for 14 months now and are already 2 months into the continuation of our previous contract. The journey has been a interesting one, and it has been a pleasure to Own a slavebitch who's masochism is so in tune with My sadism. The journey has taken us beyond the edge, and many new humiliation techniques have been thrust upon My bitch to increase bitches usefulness.

I have recently taken back My maid this time under a formal year long contract. The maid is in a full time live in situation with Myself and training has only just begun.. *grin*

A combination of old fashioned slave training along with My particular sense of humor and evil is used to push the both of them further and further. I hope a year from now I will be announcing both contract renewals and have seen especially the maid travel down a road to the most fucked up depravity.. I am confident in this as My purely submissive and gentle maid confessed a promise to allow Me to vomit on the maid for My own enjoyment. Those kind of statements show Me there is so much potential in My latest belonging.

So this post.. As a Pro Domina, I feel it important to emphasize that this is My lifestyle and I am lucky to work doing what I love. It is also in the interest of creating a recorded time line of events and training so that half yearly reviews of depravity in My slaves can be compiled. So keep a look at for thoughts on the training of maxine and maid (jess to be).

Mistress V.

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 21st to August 30th Evening & Weekend Bookings available!

I am happy to announce that once again this year I will be offering a few days where I will be available day and night and weekend dates. If you want to book for this time period, do not leave it to the last minute as spots fill up fast.

This is always a great opportunity for those of you that can not fit into My usual monday to friday 9-6 hours. I look forward to seeing you in the dungeon or for a medical check up in My fully equipped fantasy clinic. Overnight bookings and complex sessions are also the perfect time to book in for.

Mistress V.
021 179 7035