Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Dungeon Suspension Rack + Table updates

Ok a few little tidbits... I was waiting to finish up everything before sharing but Ok could not resist the 2/3rd finished Dungeon and the almost completed new over-sized suspension rack & table. The back rack will be in galvanized iron that will be removable at each point to make for interesting uses.. And more hooks are needed and finishing touches on woodwork including a sign..

Looking forward to hanging up there anyone ;)

Call 021 1797035 for a booking! New photos of Mistress added to

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NZX Magazine Features Mistress Venom + Mummification + Rubber Fun

Hello all,

Sorry for the long delay between updates but I have been very very busy! Now if anyone else needs their copy of the latest issue of NZX magazine signed give Me a call and bring it along to a session.

Right now I am really enjoying Auckland and have been spending the day working on some rather extreme mummifications. I am looking forward to some new colored wrap coming in from the US and got quite a few new devices.. In the photos I will post you can admire the use of some lovely ratchet tie downs to create some very severe and tight bondage!

I have also had far more opportunities to rubber up and took some new photos yesterday so this will be a photo laden thread! I am back to using My old number 0211797035 if you need to make a booking. Coming soon to the Dungeon a new heavy duty suspension frame and swing and in progress a circular leather st andrews cross.. Will keep this updated!

Please note while NZG does not allow Me to show My rates are for 90 minute sessions they are.. I find one hour is never enough and as always remember if you come to see Me, let Me know if you have to leave on time or you might find yourself released and that the moon is out :P

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Now for the photos....

Mummification with slave dolly:

And.... Mistress..

ENJOY!!! And I look forward to tying you all up sometime soon.. or well really depends on what takes My fancy :P

Mistress Venom