Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mistress joins a vomit fan group...

I am Mistress Venom, affectionately known to some as the Queen of Puke. I have loved vomit for many years, and followed vomit through porn. I have a massive collection of vomit porn and not only that I have particular talents :)

I can puke hands free, I can eat anything and throw it up slowly, in a huge gush or straight into a stretched out and speculum gaped ass or a filtered vomit enema I created.

I love vomit play, messier the better. I love vomit Domination and often use it to work up to full toilet training. When people seek a true vomit lover, they come to Me.

I have extreme fantasies focusing on a meal slave. I would like a meal slave, to be chained by My chair at a fully laid dinner table with a metal bowl by the chained meal slave at My feet. As the house maid serves each course, she will fetch finger bowls and warmed faceclothes, as I finish each course, I puke it out for the slave to consume. I like to think of a 5 course meal or dinner party so i can show off the training of My meal slave.

Anyway if you have questions I think i will be a great contributor to this group. I am seeking a long term live in slave... is it worth the travel here... or worth having Me travel there... dreams can come true... ;)


Mistress Venoms Wishlist *UPDATED*

I have added a new page to My website it is a page about gifts and wishlists. It has some of My favorite shops, information about things I like etc. It is also noted a couple of items I am looking for and if you can find them its a free session, and any slave bringing gifts should let me know so I can make sure we have some extra time to spend together. To read click :

Gifts and wishlist page

and here is My updated stockroom list:

Stockroom Wishlist


NZ Escorts Blog Closed Down - NEW Mistress Venom Blog

Greetings slaves and fans...

Sadly the New Zealand Escort Blog site I had blogged on for over a year is GONE. I am trying to recover My lost blog posts. However now it is time for a fresh start! I can now blog again! and keep you all uptodate with My lifestyle, toys, fantasies and special deals!




Email: mistress.venom (@) gmail d0t com.