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Recent bondage and photos of My work 2012

It has been a while since I added new photos. So enjoy some of My work in rope, shibari, needles, and canes from the past two months!! So lots of bondage, needle play on males and a female. The male photo took 4 hours and was 158 needles. Lots of mummification and some catheter play enjoy.
Mistress Venom

Friday, February 24, 2012

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Roman showers - The what, why's, and how's

Roman showers for those not in the know are the term for been vomited on. Whether on the body, in the mouth or for consumption. Golden showers are common place and seem to be widely accepted in the BDSM community. Brown showers while less discussed because of the association with scat are never the less available from most Pro Domme's here upon request.

Roman showers on the other hand here and abroad seem to be far less on offer or even known about. I believe I am one of the few Domina's to practice this fetish and to offer it as a professional service. I also believe some of My training techniques and twists on a standard "shower" to be rather unique. Still for those who are confused let us dig a little deeper.

The term golden shower is easily referenced to golden nectar from a Dominant showering down on to the bottom. The term brown shower also pretty simple in its rather dull description of a human bodily function. The term roman shower I have no idea who coined perhaps someone can fill Me in. I have over the many years I have enjoyed the fetish heard over and over again the myth that the term came from the Romans use of vomitoriums. I have heard these described as rooms where such activities went on. Having lived in Rome and visited Pompeii for personal study, I will once again correct this. The confusion seems to lie in the latin translation and also the Roman feasting. As the latin means to spew forth it is hence assumed that the vomitorium was indeed a room for such activity. It actually is the term for the tunnels and pathways used to exit from places like the Colosseum. Where the collective bodies of the crowd would spew forth from. This seems to have been confused with the supposed Roman feasting practices where lavish banquets were provided with comfortable seating so one could recline fully and large vessels which were used to purge the food so one could continue with the feasting. Sadly neither of these rather delightful fantasies are 100% accurate certainly not the rooms.. And from literature and history the Romans would probably not be overjoyed that We have chosen their name or someone did to describe..

The correct term for those who enjoy watching or participating in vomit play is an Emetophile or Emetophilia.

I quote from Cicero, The Second Speech of Marcus Tullius Cicero against Marcus Antonius.
"However, we will say nothing of these things, which are acts of a more hardy sort of villainy. Let us speak rather of his meaner descriptions of worthlessness. You, with those jaws of yours, and those sides of yours, and that strength of body suited to a gladiator, drank such quantities of wine at the marriage of Hippia, that you were forced to vomit the next day in the sight of the Roman people. O action disgraceful not merely to see, but even to hear of! If this had happened to you at supper amid those vast drinking-cups of yours, who would not have thought it scandalous? But in an assembly of the Roman people, a man holding a public office, a master of the horse, to whom it would have been disgraceful even to belch, vomiting filled his own bosom and the whole tribunal with fragments of what he had been eating reeking with wine. But he himself confesses this among his other disgraceful acts. Let us proceed to his more splendid offenses."

As you Cicero points out the disgrace of the act. Further there is more mention of vomit but it seems to have been relegated to either health treatments or as in this case a cure for gluttony. Further references to it as a luxury are sparse and most seems based on myth.

Writing to Atticus from Puteoli on 21 December 45 B.C., Cicero mentions how Caesar had eaten and drunk on the nineteenth: "He was undergoing a couse of emetics, so he ate and drank at his pleasure without ear" (Cicero Letters to Atticus 13.52) The custom of taking a vomit both immediatly before and after meals, which Cicero mentions Caesar to have done on different occasions (Pro.Deiot.7) was very common with the Romans, and used by them as an instrument both of their luxury, and of their health: they vomit says Seneca, that they may eat, and eat that they may vomit ( Helo.9) By this evacuation before eating they were prepared to eat more plentifully; and by emptying themselves presently, after it prevented any hurt from repletion. Thus Vittelius, who was a famous glutton, is said to have preserved his life by constant vomits, while he destroyed all of his companions who did not use the same precautions.

So while as is logical there was vomiting in Ancient Rome just as there is in every country today it seems there is little to pin the evidence of such practices or the formation of Emetophilia on them.

So while as is logical there was vomiting in Ancient Rome just as there is in every country today it seems there is little to pin the evidence of such practices or the formation of Emetophilia on them. Obviously there were wild feasts and orgies but also the writings of Cicero can be somewhat contradictory. I believe it may have been recommended by Doctors as a health practice for ailments much the same as leeching was used for many things. I have no doubt that some Romans such as the glutton mentioned employed purging to maintain their figures. So We are simply looking one at ancient medical treatments, and two the manifestations of purging or an ancient form of bulimia in a luxurious society relating to vanity so one may continue feasting. It does seem to differ though in that the participants in these practices felt it a health benefit. . I am sure there must have been cases such as today based on poor self esteem but from My extensive readings and Our knowledge of the desired female figure back then I doubt it was common.

So now that We have cleared up the history of Emetophilia. Let us continue, for many the idea of puke is associated with illness, flue, food poisoning or a bad night drinking. In all of these unpleasant memories are formed in the mind and naturally associations. So for most people to even consider vomit in a sexual manner seems absurd. While for the advanced or extreme Emetophilie, copious amounts of vomit of any kind may be sought after, many and in the way I introduce it would not enjoy it as such. If you have enjoyed been spat on, to drink the nectar of a Dominant or to have consumed male or female ejaculate then you could find introduction to vomit enjoyable.

For a practiced Top who can provide for this fetish a stomach can be emptied of only what is wanted and often you will see in the many movies various combinations of food to make for pretty color combinations and texture. Cake and milk been most often used but I would hardly recommend it for a beginner as if that milk does not come right back up it will be curdled and foul. Surely a punishment rather than a divine pleasure. To begin with water is an example of how vomit can be enjoyed on the body and in play. For the advanced refer to My blog on a 5 course meal cased around a fantasy roman feast where a slave is bound and chained to the table. Another in full black and whites serves each course, which in between is gifted straight into the mouth of the honored slave who is been fed in such a way. Finger bowls and linen required obviously...

In the end for a submissive who seeks to serve in any play involving bodily functions. To be given something from the body of the one you worship is not only a gift but a display of the trust and caring. Much as the mother bird feeds her young.. The Dominant feeds the bottom..

Often people ask Me why I would do such things. I feel it displays such a level of trust and love from the involved parties that it makes it a special moment. It also of course has the filth factor.. and as a pervert it is that which makes it delightfully sexual. Then the feeling of power of been another's source of food. I can go on but will wait for any questions.

Additional vomit play ideas:
-Vomit as lube
- Vomit enemas
- Consumption of ones own vomit for another's pleasure

Enough for now.. hopefully some food for thought (smiles)
Mistress Venom

Additional update:
There is so many ways to play with vomit. Lately because of the heat I have been using ice cold water which comes up as one can imagine ice cold and is a delightful feeling for the sub to be showered in this way or given a refreshment. In the movies is where the colors and such seem of most importance but over the years many had asked Me what they were using. As I knew the old producers of MFX movies I was privy to the information. Often as people become more used to vomit play they will simply bring a long a desired meal.

There is as I mention milk to be avoided for beginners :) But also soda like diet coke or colas come up with a weird look and not very pleasant flavor. Then anything heavy is best avoided as it will either be impossible to do or will come up very thick and cluggy thereby ruining the fluid and slime type effect of vomit.

Pink lemonade as it is summer is another current favorite pretty and pink and can be served nice and cold too.. Mixing in cake with something like that would give a different consistency one which can be warm and has a very erotic feeling when rubbed into areas of the body.

As for modern culture and vomit - porn has taken huge leaps. First My dear Max Hardcore was THE American pioneer of vomit in porn. He was able to showcase stunning stars like catalina, layla and the now famous brianna banks with their bodies covered in a glossy layer of vomit as they either puked into bowl's or over his cock so it ran over their tits and pussies. Sadly these videos were only available in Europe and not America.. Ironic huh. Then My very dear friend Duke brought puke in the form of extreme facial fucking. Another area i love to enjoy with sissy deep throat training. There is nothing sexier than having someone suck My strapon forcing it deeper and deeper letting the saliva and slime build up and pour out rather than swallowing it back. Takes a bit of convincing lol

Since then movies about throat fucking, or fuck my face series have become very popular taking the messy blow job right to the edge with mild vomit play. The japanese of course mainly via vidwerks have been doing it long before.. They like to get really wild and get girls in off the streets and see who can puke the most and then weigh it. All the wildest Japanese stuff is a lot of fun like Vomit, Enemas and ecstasy one of the classics for Me.

So more food for thought My lunch date is here so I will answer the other questions soon.

MV (Glad to be New Zealand's expert on puke

Golden showers and safety

In New Zealand, Golden showers are offered by many brothels and working girls. I on another forum often felt the need to add some comments and thought it was worth reworking into a blog on them and safety. I will not focus on the enjoyment of them or the erotic side as that is already well covered by many groups and authors.

The posts came about with men seeking escorts providing this service which lead to this comment from a girl I knew and was aware through Me of some of the risks:
"Hmmmmmm, I think this is a very dodgy activity to partake in if you aren't in a monogamous relationship with the person. Any punter who gets a golden shower from an escort is putting themselves at risk. You can easily pick up STIs (chlamydia, gonohrea) and urinary tract infections from working girls peeing on you. Don't forget - urine is a bodily fluid just like any other. Just a warning."

This had a reply from a lady advertising as a Pro Domme:

"Love your blog *********
Have to correct you on this one though....there is no scientific evidence I've found to suggest STIs can be transmitted through golden showers...urine is, in fact, sterile.
As for Urinary Tract Infections- they are a localized infection (almost always bacterial) of the urethra. They can't be caught from being peed on. Actually one of the ways to minimize risk of contracting UTIs, particularly in women (as we have shorter urethras), is to pee after sex lol.
It could be argued that peeing on someone after you've had sex with them is good for your reproductive health :P"

To which I had to reply:
"As the person who shared this info it is correct. Men do not show signs of UTIs and can pick them up from WG's urine. Have spoken to doctors about this. Urine is not sterile and this is a common way for such things to be passed. The big danger is that men do not show signs of a UTI and they can be far more serious. This is why I encourage all girls I know not to do GS unless they are willing to have up to date check ups frequently and that is not very easy. There are many things where research is non conclusive enough or the research publicly available does not clarify. That does not mean anything. If you would not exchange semen, feces, or blood with another human why would you exchange urine without been sure of their safety and health. As My wife lives overseas I am not sexually active nor have a history of UTIs but I still offer regular std testing for every extreme session dated and shown to clients. ***** thank you for passing on this knowledge and helping make others aware."

It was later brought up again and so I went into more detail. It is a worry that in a country where We have legal prostitution and golden showers are offered as a service that so few are aware of the issues. It is also more worrying to see Professional Dominants who are unaware of them. In fact while I am often under the microscope so to speak for been "too extreme" and therefore implying unsafe, that these same people are providing services without making clients aware of their own health practices. I will detail more after this.

"I have brought this topic up multiple times.
I keep bringing this up with working girls and people who own agencies but I never see statements that current dated std tests are provided or confirmation that a girl does not have a UTI which can be passed to clients and are serious in males. Some listen I hope.. but working girls have a lot of sex and are far more prone to bladder infections.

If not ingested then it is safer unless there is any areas with skin abrasions or sores. How can one be fully aware that there is no broken skin especially if a session has also involved CBT, NT or CP???

Hepatitis B can be found in the urine of infected persons, even those without symptoms. While drinking piss is unlikely to cause infection, golden showers onto areas of broken skin can cause passage of hepatitis B into the blood stream. Before you play, wipe an area of skin with alcohol. Does it sting? If so, there's a small skin break through which viruses could travel. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a very common virus which can cause an acute flu-like illness and may be passed intermittently in the urine, sometimes for years.

People with genital herpes may intermittently pass herpesvirus in the urine, whether or not they are having an outbreak and whether or not they know they are infected. A client who is pissed on with herpes-containing urine could become infected via a skin wound, developing a lesion called herpes gladiatorum. This can come back over and over and over, just like genital herpes or a cold sore. As a note 1 in 5 Americans have herpes not sure of the NZ statistics.

Chlamydia is a bacterium which causes what used to be known as nonspecific urethritis or nongonococcal cervicitis. Chlamydia is the most common STD. Both chlamydia and gonorrhea may be found in the urine of infected people.

Also fungal infections that can be transmitted in the urine which may cause major infections in people with immune system illnesses. These include histoplasmosis, blastomycosis, and coccidiomycosis (valley fever). All three can be a major pain in the ass to get rid of, and in a person with severe immunosuppression can be life-threatening.

Some medications or recreational drugs taken by the giver may end up in anyone drinking their urine. Some drugs don't end up in urine at all. Some are excreted by the kidneys only after being inactivated. However, some are passed in the urine either in their original form or a more active form and run the risk of showing up in the clients urine later on, perhaps during a drug test at work."

So here I am often looked down upon for the activities I enjoy. Although I make clients aware of safety and provide information. I also refuse to participate in these activities with first timers. Still how many have drunk a golden shower from a professional and never considered if that person uses drugs, or has a UTI or something worse. Have you ever thought to require them to be drug tested or provide a STD test result. As many work places require drug testing, and as this practice is so rampant perhaps those of you who have paid an escort or Pro Domme to urinate on you should get checked out.

I recently have been playing with kitty and she has brought up water sports. As We also have been playing with blood and this seems to be an on going relationship. I think I need to get Myself down to the clinic so We can move on and have fun with it. There I simply make a point that if you do promote safe practice then you will have no problem in taking the time to provide such evidence to the fact.

Enjoy and I hope you may have learned something from this.
Mistress Venom

Humiliation Play - Breaking it down because it was asked for

Humiliation Play - Breaking it down because it was asked for

In one of the local groups they were looking for answers about why people like humiliation play. It ended up been such a long answer.. I turned it into a blog. Enjoy

What do you consider humiliation play?
For Me humiliation play is a scene in which the bottom is going to not be but feel humiliated. I am making the statement of difference there because what is humiliating for one person may not be for another. Humiliation play is based around peoples fears, secret shames, and also a sexual arousal from been treated this way.

There is so many areas to humiliation play this a very hard one to put into such a blanket term. My wife for example is shy but she loves to be hooded, gagged, and bound and displayed in a humiliating way and shown to strangers. While I comment on how wet she is and check it as such. She hates it but at the same time is amazingly aroused by it. That is certainly a mild example of humiliation play and I would say the most common. For many it involves dressing a partner up who is ashamed to go out to a play party or in public in something they consider humiliating or embarrassing but they get off on it. Therefore it is a mutual enjoyment with the Dominant partner enabling them to either live it out or by knowing them well enough that it will bring them huge levels of sexual arousal.

Humiliation play also includes other areas such as cuckold play and cuckold racial play. Where a male partner usually is been humiliated for his sexual inadequacies by his partner having sexual relations with others in front of him while laughing at him or as you can put together adding in the race play element.

Humiliation sessions I have done can include focuses on sexual ability, genital size, lack of masculinity, size, race, age, intellect and more I can not think of. I also enjoy incorporating humiliation play into other sessions for example giving someone an enema and watching them making them very uncomfortable and embarrassed. For others it might be laughing at been able to over power them, pushing them to the ground, pulling your panties aside and pissing on them before gagging them with the used panties. The only limit to humiliation play is your imagination.

Humiliation play is also very psychological, preparing a good scene requires extensive knowledge of a partners psyche or many many questions, with careful listening. A lot of people who enjoy humiliation especially in men trace it back to a child hood incident. A female bullying them in school, in one case a group of girls peeing on a boy at a boarding school.. The early experiences while humiliating became a later sexual outlet that became exciting. The problem for most is finding someone who can one feel comfortable enough humiliating them, understand where the humiliation derives from and who can execute the scene without stopping because they feel bad or not been able to be sadistically nasty enough. It definitely takes a certain kind of Dominant or top to do humiliation play at a heavier level. One because it involves doing and saying things most would never consider doing to another person, and two because if you are going to play at a heavy level there is a whole area of risk assessment, preparation and the person has to be doing it as a mutually consensual experience not one the other is unprepared for or does not want.

Why are you attracted to humiliation play?
I am attracted to humiliation play because as My profile states I am an extreme Sadist. I enjoy psychological scenes that break down layers, I love the enjoyment of been able to be the bitch who can see into your thoughts, know what your thinking and turn you into a sniveling mess of a man who is at the same time sporting a rock hard erection :P or as in My wifes case.. soaking through the bloody mattress.

What are the risks or other consequences we should be aware of before participating in humiliation play?
Humiliation play is not something for beginners. I think the idea of young Dominants or Tops or even older ones deciding it is a great way to show off their new slave by using them in humiliating ways in public, in front of friends or in sessions is a very bad one. Humiliation play can have huge consequences both short and long term that if you are not willing to consider, be aware of and take care of, then you are crossing the line into abuse.

Before starting any humiliation session or any session involving any elements of it the first thing to explore is the persons history, past traumas, and how they feel about things like their education, looks, abilities as a slave etc. If you do no do this short term you can trigger a emotional meltdown and a severe mood swing which could be very dangerous and hard to deal with. Long term a slave could keep doing it to please the Dominant or top but it could be slowly eating away at them, destroying them more and more inside. Breaking a person like that mentally and to the soul is not the same thing as breaking in a slave. Nor is it the same as breaking someone in humiliation play or pain play where the tears come flooding as a cathartic release. There must as in all things be balance.

A person who loves you or who respects you and is a trustworthy play partner can healthily participate in humiliation scenes with you. If they know you, care for your feelings, ask questions and actually listen you are on the start to finding someone safe to explore humiliation play. If on the other hand they want to write pig whore all over your body and make you drink their piss for their friends amusement or the internets without having a relationship with you. One they are abusing you, and two you are the kind of person I would never do humiliation play with I would instead recommend you to a therapist, explain why and help you try to understand where I am coming from with My experiences.

There is 2 kinds of people who seek to be humiliated, those who get genuine enjoyment from the kink and abuse. Those who have poor self esteem, mental health issues and are easy prey for predators.

Does humiliation play require an extra level of aftercare?
This depends like all aftercare some people require lots some people seem to be just fine without it, some go years without needing it and then one day have a session where they do. If as above you are either in a healthy loving relationship, or two playing with a person who is humiliating you because you both enjoy it then you will as with all after care be able to look at the person sit down and talk for a bit, check in on the areas you focused on and then make the judgment of whether they need more time or reassurance or if they just had a blast and are great. Still it is an area where I take extra care to repeat that if in the next day or week any feelings of depression or mood changes occur to be in contact immediately. This is the same for all play where there is more psychological than physical involved.

What are some humiliation scenes (either that you have heard of or that you desire)?
I think i have covered this :)

Does this fall into the consensual/non-consent realms? Or does it only occur (for you) after careful planning and negotiation before each scene?
Again I think i have covered this also.. If it is a loving consensual relationship and it is not an agreed apon hard limit then no reason why it should be considered non consensual. In casual ones it requires careful negotiation to make sure lines are not crossed.

Is all humiliation play degradation play as well?
What is degradation play?
the act of degrading.
the state of being degraded.

2. humiliation, disgrace, dishonor, debasement.

an act or instance of humiliating or being humiliated.
the state or feeling of being humiliated; mortification.

2. degradation, dishonor.

No difference for Me except I feel that degradation in BDSM refers to harder scenes.
Hope I was able to help.
Feel free to ask questions.
Mistress Venom

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Mummification part 2

When someone is wrapped so tightly they lose all balance and control. This is where LB became very importan and I instructed him as W/we went where to focus his hold. In the mean time I used the force of My body to support from the front while at the same time at often awkward angles reaching round to tape the back. At some points it made a very happy PD and one time worried. Once I said well if he fell he would have a soft landing My boobs, but he would kill Me and then My fan club would hunt him down and kill him for taking away Mistress, and after all what would My mother say about having to put in the eulogy "Beloved Daughter, died doing what she loved, Sadly a mummy collapsed on her and crushed her. She died happy though because it meant the last word in the eulogy is crush." hehe And th happy when the wrapping was at the top and he got great views of My cleavage which I took pains to display well in order to make him more eager to agree to My evil plans. Obviously it worked!

So as W/we reached the waist he was experiencing the feelings of wobbling and disorientation. I forgot to mention in part one but as W/we wrapped the chest he would have to take a deep breath in for each tape round and then release and repeat until the chest area was done. This is to allow ample room for breathing you do not want the chest cavity too tightly constricted. Soon but after what seemed like a life time My hair was damp, My legs ached, and I had had at least 3 dizzy spells. I was plotting in the back of My mind to put LD back on the bucket device as a little pay back. At this point W/we placed a large soft leather ottoman and I mean huge behind him and lowered him at a angle like a plank. Once he was down there, removed the ottoman and the new furniture was on the floor. I had also on each layer marked x's where his nipples and genital region were. He has low nipples and I like the cut holes to be neat.

Now LB could sit down only getting up to fetch more tape or to pick up discarded bits as I trimmed angles to match. I then went on to tape the feet, head and created the nun like look at the head.. I also cut out the marked regions and removed them for good access. I then finished the head adjusting the breathign hold and teasing him by blocking it.

At this point I needed a 5 minute break. So mummygirl was called over to say a quick hello to PD and admire My work, and she stayed with LB while I used the bathroom, and touched up My hair and makeup and took a breather before moving on to the catheter. I dismissed the other two then and went on to play with My furniture.

The only part I have forgotten to add is that My designs are often crazy, rather out there and different. Often I am executing them for the first time. During the process at one point PH expressed difficulty with the forearms. This is where having a metal vision of where the wrap is is important. Quickly the pressure was relieved by cutting away the area causing the issue. Then i chose a new approach to patch up the damage to the furniture :P It happened once more later on and at that point I just relieved the pressure and did not patch up as time was needed for other play.

When i mummify someone they always get lectured, they know what I want to be told if they experience certain things, even so I check in verbally frequently as sub space makes them less aware. During the whole process I fed him bottles of water.. only after making him cry like a baby for My amusement. Fluids were very important. That really is it, after when i cut him out I just had him lie there and reajust. After some time slowly sitting up, checking for any signs of dizziness. Time was spent moving and stretching limbs, and finally a shower followed by more moving and stretching and of course kissing Mistress's feet and heels which by that point sadly nail polish had scraped off from all My crawling round on the floor and I had specks of cardboard and duct tape on My stockings but I doubt My PD thought his Mistress was any less special for those things :P Then the usually big good bye hug and off he went with his big cheery smile.

I hope that helped answer some of the questions you asked in the phot comments etc.
In the end I used I do not know how much wrap, but 7.5 rolls of 30 meter silver duct tape, and a small amount of white cloth tape.


Mummification Part 1

Well wow there has been so many comments and questions about what I did today with prymdhd
So I thought since I asked him to right a journal post about it, that I would do the same.

So where to start as a lot of you know I love mummification among about 100 other things I am equally passionate about. I am lucky enough that I have found a few avid fans here in NZ who come to be mummified by Me. I have mummified prymdhd a few times now his last feature been a seated black and yellow bumble bee mummification with some needle play. We have done standing, seated, and laying down mummifications. Also some variations like the one that got him his name where his arms were straight above his head. Therefore W/we have a good rapport, and levels of trust. Both of Us are very comfortable around each other, and he takes great pleasure in being My play thing. Especially when totally immobilized and helpless. Today I really had some evil plans in mind.. I wanted to use him as furniture in a far more restrictive wrap than he had ever done, I wanted to torture the furniture, and play a game with some electro and xbox. I also mentioned an idea of catheters, and even enema buttplug and a nappy under :P but decided smelly furniture would be bad. He was one worried looking slave but still laughing as always at My jokes. It is good to have someone who you connect with so well because you can take them that step further.

In the end it had to be decided by whether he would be comfortable having librarydog coming to help me instead of mummygirl as she lacks the strength for this kind of very heavy mummification play. It requires a lot of physical strength from Me and from any helper I use. He was happy to have it be LD so I had him come over so W/we could get started. The two had chatted a few times on FL and as they both know Me and have faith I would not introduce them to someone they would be uncomfortable around all was well. They hit it off and as all got started I had a very long story to tell about Lake Vostak. At this time the process is not so hard really LD was not needed much at the start but I still had him hold PD anyway.. one for safety , two because if I was going to spend the next few hours sweating he was going to have sore legs :P (I am evil)

The first thing was padding with muslin cloth the ankles, wrists, areas that you need to protect and adding in bubble wrap too. Then wrapping the whole body in clear palette wrap to protect from the duct tape later. Then starting at the bottom I tightly and carefully wrapped and wrapped from top to bottom. The first layer was not the tough one it was what PD is used too. I could do it to him alone. So during that time i had him sing Me a song which he failed at but LB did a better job. I caned him a few times and never missed a chance to torture his nipples or balls while asking for expansions on theories on lake vostok, politics, world war and various other things I demanded answers too... often My answer was uh umm which got a quick ouch instead. I find that part very much key to the sessions I have with PD. He enjoys the banter, My teasing, and often I make him laugh so hard he struggles to stop. It is a good way to get the basics done and to relax him enough he forgets once he is immobile I will be able to do whatever I want. i had to distract him his face at the mention of catheters, enemas, butt plugs, electro, and predicaments made him go pale.

So quickly the first layer was on and then i decided to add in handles. I placed two pieces of heavy bamboo on each side and then wrapped him again in clear wrap. Then came the hard part.. This is the very tight wrapping and he had never experienced the rigidness that comes with it..