Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry christmas dungeon venom 2011

3000 feet of hemp, cotton and jute rope
Suspension rings for shibari
Steel anal hook for rope play
Ratchet tie downs, heavy duty rubber belting restraints
Mummification wraps of various materials and colors, tapes and paddings
Varied enema equipment and tubing
Medical equipment of all sorts.
Hoods, Head Harnesses, body harnesses, arm binders single and double
All the bits and pieces for CBT, NT and ball stretching including a new torture device built for Me
Rubber and latex hoods and gas masks.
Cross dressing clothes, lingerie, shoes, and wigs
CP Tools - floggers- single tail - straps - canes - birches - tawse and all you could think of
Gags including funnel gags
Toilet chair for GS and drip training
Adult baby nappies, play bag, and lots of goodies for time with Mummy or Nurse.
Huge amounts of dildos, butt plus, truncheons, inflatables, and My special fisting lube!
2 RIMBA E-Stim Units for external and internal electro play
An original violet wanda - Violet Wand Kit ready for direct, indirect, and reverse play.. Not sure about a violet wand I will blog soon, imagine your Mistess’s touch electrified, a shiny electrifying flogging, the limit is only the imagination!

So the stocks are ready for those who dare..

Other than that what is for Christmas??

Well call and make a booking now 1 hour $320 2 hours $560 including GS and enemas. And wish Me merry Christmas and depending on My schedule you will get an extra 15 - 30 minutes free added to your session. I will be working some days over Christmas but will depend on demand. Call now to confirm!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Add a bit of sex to a Session Double Fantasies

Add a bit of sex to a Session Double Fantasies

As many of you have already met the lovely slave Emma. I also can make available the beautiful elle to come in and spice up a session. Do you want to be restrained and teased, forced to worship her under My strict instruction or while been put through your paces with CP or electro. Perhaps you like the idea of a snobby school girl using you for her own sexual pleasure and learning how to seduce a man properly while training with a Mistress… There is so many fantasies to incorporate your fetishes in BDSM and elle can join us to help finish the session or through the whole time in the Dungeon.

If so call Me to make a booking 0211797035

Queries about extreme medical play: - episode scrotal infusion

Queries about extreme medical play: - episode scrotal infusion

I had a call from a potential client today asking about scrotal infusion this I found rather disturbing as it was recommended by another Professional Dominatrix. I am very surprised that someone as experienced as Mistress Dior would recommend someone to Me for such an extreme activity. This as someone whom appears relatively new to BDSM, let alone edge play or to go to the level of scrotal infusion. Therefore I emailed the gentleman back and asked him to read My rather lengthy email which includes information anyone considering this activity should have. I always take the time to inform people of activity risks, I am glad to see most have at least tried to inform themselves or are prepared to take the time to research, learn and ask the questions that will make them a good candidate for a session. So in keeping with this interlude while I took the time to write up this information I will share it with the blogosphere..

Risk in scrotal infusion or other saline infusion and generally useful for medical play safety.

All areas of medical play that go beyond a check up and prostate examination are going to carry a level of risk. I expect any clients wishing to explore more extreme play to be aware of the risks involved and to make an educated decision on whether to pursue such activities. As you have requested the information I am taking the time to provide you with everything I think you should know. Please do your own research and do not just take My word. I am going to write a blog with this information for others again with a warning about pursuing such activities lightly.

I may sound rather off putting with this information, but while such play is generally done safely in experienced hands one never knows if something might go wrong. You need to be able to be aware of the signs of infection and to be aware of what is normal following such play and to go to a doctor if you notice any of these signs. Are you familiar?

The key areas are sterile practice, been aware of cross contamination, understanding when something from a sterile pack is no longer sterile. There must be full barrier protection with a sterile bed sheet not simply a sterile insertion site. A gown, hat and mask should also be worn. A surgical scrub should be used on the skin surface area like chx. Saline must be not expired and must be from a fresh unopened bag and the correct saline for IV infusion. Saline infusions are reabsorbed variable on each individual, some can reabsorb within a day while others can maintain for 2 to 3 days. Are you prepared to go to work or home to a partner with swollen balls?

Potential risks involved are:
gas embolism (not removing the air from tubing)
infection at IV site (from unclean needles meaning anything touching them after the sterile cap is removed, non sterile gloves, unclean skin, etc) infections not noticed can also lead to gangrene or scrotal cellulitis, as the area is in the groin and near the perineum and anal entrance, there are close sources of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
inserting the needle in the scrotal wall instead of beneath it.. this will cause painful separating of the layers. Knowing the anatomy of the scrotum is important as well as making the person aware of what they should expect to feel so they may inform you if otherwise. If this is the case a fresh needle can be reinserted correctly.
inserting the needle into the scrotum NOT the testicle.. that is a huge page of risks all on its own. If you are not certain that you and the person you are playing with knows the difference you should not go ahead.
If you have high blood pressure there are potential additional side effects. Changing the water level in your body can have potentially negative side effects. It is possible it may cause your heart to work hard. You should not do saline infusion if you have high blood pressure. You should know your blood pressure status prior to doing considering doing saline inflation. Do you know yours?
The electrolyte level changes cause by infusing large volumes of saline into the body can be negative. It may cause shortness of breath, cause you to be light headed or dizzy. These effects may persist for several days until the saline is reabsorbed or until your body returns electrolyte levels to “normal.” This can be a very uncomfortable feeling of anxiety and can be somewhat scary. Electrolyte imbalance can be helped by using sports drinks or gastrolyte packs from the pharmacy. I always insist on these been used after heavy enema or saline infusion sessions.

Unknown risk factors:
The effects of saline infusion on the testes and sperm production and fertility are not know. It is possible that saline infusion may negatively affect the production of sperm/semen.
Saline infusion “may” negatively affect your testosterone levels. Effects on testosterone production are not known. It it possible it may decrease your testosterone levels. There are no studies on this - but it is a possibility.

So there W/we are.. An introduction to the world of saline infusion. Saline infusion and inflation of the scrotum and breasts can be an exiting and rewarding experience for the medical fetishist. It is one though that should only be done when aware of all the risks. Both parties should be informed and able to monitor the play. I have known many people into this and even with all precautions and knowledge infections do occur from time to time. If you do wish to pursue this activity have a Doctor you are comfortable with to explain what you have done, so you can be quickly put on the correct course of antibiotics if it does happen. The likelihood is that nothing will go wrong but on the chance it does you must be prepared to get it quickly attended too. Perhaps now you understand My confusion at having someone new to this recommended to try it.. Especially if you have yet to even explore urethral play of any type.

I am happy to discuss any thoughts or concerns you have or recommend safer activities.

Mistress Venom

double slaves

Greetings blog fans,

Firstly exciting news. I have finally relaunched My web site you should find it easier to navigate and with new content. To celebrate this for the month of September all of My clients will get $20 off each hour for as many hours as you book. This is only on My fees and does not apply to slave emmas fees which are already discounted for her services to Mistress. Remember when calling to book to ask for the discount!! 021 179 7035

I am also offering special prices to our visitors from over the world who are here for the Rugby World Cup. While many places and independent workers in the adult industry put their prices up for the events. I wanted visitors here to appreciate Our beautiful country and to have the opportunity to enjoy the fun without breaking the bank. See My site for RWC prices for tourists and mention this when you call.

To see tourist prices click here:

Now the lovely slave Emma has had 2 weeks off but she is back Sunday and will be in Auckland ensconced in rope or chains in the Dungeon awaiting My orders to pleasure you, take punishment with you, or to help Me tease and torture you with her soft body and sweet cheeky smile. Bookings fill up very fast! The cost for 1 hour is $550 call 0211797035 for a wonderful session of role play, punishment, sexual fetish fantasy or whatever your mind or My evil one devises!

Mistress Venom