Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mistress Venom & Pro Switch Thunder August 24th till the 31st

Greetings blog readers and fans!

August is an exciting month at Dungeon Venom.
This month has been a lot of fun. I have been plotting over a visitor from London and having kinky escapades in front of the camera. Keep your eyes open on NZG for a new series of photos and a video of a FemDom shoot featuring Myself and a very attractive female submissive. That was a fantastic day a glorious sub in baby doll lingerie and a mix of rope, leather, metal and rubber.. Photos coming soon!!

What is this all about you may be wondering?

Well what happens when you combine New Zealand's Queen of Kink also known as the most extreme Mistress in the Southern Hemisphere (Enjoy the gratuitous Rubber Image of Me):

 and one of London's BDSM stars and regular on the International scene Ms Thunder? Lot's of glorious trouble and a chance of a lifetime for the trembling submissive of overly excited fetishist!

I am welcoming International Domme and Professional submissive the infamous Ms KillPussy also known as Amazonian Mistress Thunder.

 From New Zealand Ms Thunder went to London to begin her domination rise to fame.  She started at London Wrestling Studio and comes from a wrestling domination background.  Since that fateful day 10 years ago Ms Thunder has metamorphosed from a tall gorgeous blonde to a tall, gorgeous, dominatrix. Ms Thunder works independently now so she can concentrate on the domination side as that is where her true passion is.  Ms Thunder is consistently popular and attracts many repeat customers.  This is because she really goes out of her way to cater to all session requests and her customer service is second to none.  Also as many of you have found out, she is exceptionally sexy, strong, honest, fun and kinky.  Ms Thunder is a true dominatrix/switch. What that means is she loves to play with naughty boys and also loves being sexy and submissive for big strong men with Mistress Venom's guidance. A regular on the worldwide fetish scene, Ms Thunder innately understands your needs.  Ms Thunder is a lifestyle dominatrix who is well versed in all aspects of fetish/kinky needs.

I am very excited to be hosting her visit here in New Zealand and to shake up the local scene. It is always fantastic when We have visiting Fetish experts and We are most spoiled to have this amazing Lady available for August. Pre booking's are a necessity and you may contact Myself or Mistress Thunder.  

We are offering Double Domination sessions for those submissive's who have dreamed of been under the control of two strong powerful women. If you wish to have photos of your experience do not forget to mention that. Between us Our experience in BDSM and fetish spans many years and with a deep understanding of your fetish desires from the mild to the most extreme. 

For those who enjoy watching Mistress Dominate her submissive you can find yourself tied up with Thunder as she does her best along with you to please My devious desires. If you wish to try your hand at taking control of her under My guidance this is also the time to make this experience happen. 

It is very rare in New Zealand for us to have a Professional switch and a lady who can not only dish out the punishment but one who is equally aroused by having to take it. Her kinky and sexy side i sure to entice the most experienced Master or Mistress. With My permission that sexy side can be on display and under My direction I may allow a well behaved slave the opportunity to worship her gorgeous body. 

Just thinking of this exciting time is enough to have Mistress crossing and uncrossing her legs. After all you know there is nothing better than having a attractive female by the hair and at your mercy. Will you be at her side on your knee's striving to please and taking part in perverted games and punishment. Or will you be standing above with Me admiring the view of positioned buttocks ready for a spanking or caning! 

Whichever way you decide this is an opportunity not to miss. Please be aware that there is a limited space and time for bookings and to ensure you do not miss out contact now. If you are seeking some of My more extreme services please make Me aware of this. As a submissive Thunder has few limits but there is certain services she will not be available for. In Double Domination session's they will however be available. 

For photos and information do see My fan club where I posted tantalizing photos of Our visitor this week. I look forward to catching up with some of you and meeting others.

Dungeon Venom - Where Female Domination & submission is of the highest quality and a place where you can experience what were formerly only fantasies.