Monday, May 28, 2012

Feature on CreviceCanyone Blog

I have been featured for the second time on photographer and blogger Amie's blog.
She joined Me on Saturday for a 3 hour session of photos and fun. Visit her blog to see My work captured so beautifully!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mistress Venom + Sexy Young Vixen Elle Last Month A tribute

This was the very first time I saw Elle, when She contacted by email.
Little was I to know there was so much more to her than her amazing good looks. These are some photos I will treasure taken a month ago on My much beloved sofa that many of you will recognize from its Fetlife fame. Don't forget to follow Me and over 800 images of My work:
So this is My tribute to certainly the most stunning girl in the city and who only can be rivaled by My lovely emily austin I consider as wonderful at her work. I look forward to some fun sessions with her and laughter before she leaves. It has been wonderful to see the odd Dominant side of her peek out and her enjoyment of male humiliation. Elle you will be much missed and never forgotten and I will make sure to email most weeks, as I said to you the other week, you ever need anything. You just call and I will be there to help. With all My love and gratitude for your friendship Mistress Venom Elles last day with Me is may 28th to book use My website She is available for role play fantasy sessions in the Dungeon until that date call 021 179 7035 to book 91m - 9pm