Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special hours 30th - Feb 6th 24-7 +overnights

Greetings blog slaves!!

Its one of those special times again! I will be available on a 24 hour a day schedule at the dungeon or medical room for 10 days. So if you want to make sure to get a suitable time slot or an overnight.. Call and book 02117197035.

For those I have not seen for a while... you will enjoy new bondage restraints including severe leather arm binders, lots of new leather gear, head harness, leather male slave harness, leather gags, blindfolds, EVEN MORE crops, whips and a new shipment of special rattan canes and a selection of newly made birches!

Over 10 rubber hoods for the latex rubberists and a gorgeous heavy duty leather inflatable hood for the serious slave...

And of course new GIANT anal toys for violating your holes...

Plus for the foot fetishists.. another 20 pairs of new sexy heels to stomp, trample and worship....

I also have a second electro kit and new clamps and adjustable electro clips... lots of fun... And more I can not remember..

So get in gear, and come and pay tribute and WORSHIP!

I will look forward to seeing you new or old!

Mistress Venom