Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leaving for Auckland - Last 2 weeks to see Mistress Venom in Christchurch

Greetings to all My subbies, sissies, slaves, bitches, and adored clients,

I know many of you expected this and now I am confirming it. I will be leaving for Auckland in the next couple of weeks. I will be hopefully finding out tonight if I got the property I wanted.

I have different rates in Auckland but any clients who come to see Me there can see Me at My normal Christchurch rates, and use grab a seat. I may also be able to offer some accommodation. It is very hard when your Mistress leaves and I am hoping to spend as much time with you all as I can to talk through this hard time. I will do My best to make something work for all of you. I will be here to ease this transition and I will come back to visit Christchurch from time to time for those who just can't get to Auckland.

Right now I am offering clients either a 10% discount if you find the tribute hard to manage, and for those of you who have money I expect you will be offering the discount to the fund I have set up to go to the red cross here in Christchurch. All of you know I contribute all discounts that i offer to the city mission and this is My last thank you to this beautiful city. Please if you think you can not see Me because of money issues, talk to Me first, I am always trying to make things work for you, and it is the slaves who can afford full tribute who allow Me to help those younger or less well off with discounting tributes. i can always tell when you are as passionate as I am, and many of you already know how flexible i am in trying to make an arrangement work with every one.

I can not say how broken My heart is for O/our beautiful city. I will mourn the loss of this for the rest of My life. I will always consider this My home and it is only with positive thoughts I am pushing forward to do what is right for Me.

I will be setting up a far more modern and amazing Dungeon in Auckland and that is very exciting. So when I get set up feel free to bring along anything you might bring as a Dungeon warming gift. I have been very stressed and saddened by all this, My work now is a pleasure a last moment of peace as the sub sinks into heaven and as My love for what I do calms Me and allows time free from what has gone on.

Enjoy some more photos of a recent session well yesterday..

That was what i meant by relaxation for the slave and Myself as W/we crossed the outside reality into that special place with Mistress.

I look forward to hearing from you all.. Use this number if you have issues contacting Me: 0210554698
use mistress.venom @ while i move as its more reliable. has been updated so check in for more details.

Thank you all for making My life in Christchurch so beautiful, I am again so sorry to leave you behind. I know how strong the bonds are I have with you all. Stay in touch. Much love

Mistress Venom.. Your true Domina.

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