Monday, July 2, 2012 UPDATED

Finally I have taken the time to get My web site up to date. I have added 2 new photo galleries featuring new photos of Myself from this week and also added many new photos to the Dungeon Fun Gallery.
My hair color may change but My chest size does not and I still love to smother helpless slaves in My generous cleavage if they please Me that is.. You will also notice that due to popular demand I am now available for dinner dates. If you are intimidated by BDSM, but have found My company and intellect enjoyable and wish to learn about My lifestyle and work you may take Me out to dinner (I am a huge foodie) and ask all the questions you would like. This is due to popular demand from many people on AdultForum who enjoy My geekiness but are terrified of My Dungeon. See for more information.

 I have also finally updated My links page: To include the wonderful sex shop The Basement  where you can buy an assortment of toys for pleasure and pain and they have a multi room area for any bi curious, bi, or gay guys for fun with porn, themed rooms and company. Entry fee is just $14 day or night and they are located at 12 Canada Street (Down Drive) Newton Auckland Telephone : 09 3022250. If you go in I can sometimes be found in the shop and do not forget to say Mistress Venom sent you or spankings will be in order or no spankings if your a masochist! If you are one of My clients do mention it.

I am also happy to have added My friends the amazing Master Anton and Master Donald both Professional Male Dominants with many years of experience catering to bi and gay subbies. Go to My links page and you can visit their web sites from there and check out their Dungeons!

I have also added links to 2 of Auckland and New Zealand's top escorts. The lovely Brooke Bailey and the stunning goddess Anna.

Enjoy the updates and hope to see you for some Dungeon fun soon! New toys include:
Heavy custom made stainless steel wrist and ankle shackles.
New bull whip.
New electro gear.
A selection of new sexy heels for trampling and heel worship.
Stocks and locking pillory. Over 40 new canes, paddles and floggers.
Seven piece leather belt restraint set.
New humbler.
New breast torture vice. And I can not think what else...
Call for a booking 0211797035 Mistress Venom

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